Monday, 27 April 2009

Which Month Are You?

Wuih, lama dah tak update blog ni. Bak kata Erol, kalau lama dah tak update blog, nanti blog tu berpenunggu. Ehe. Tapi baru-baru ni memang sibuuukkk sangat-sangat walaupun exam dah habis aritu. Aaa...tak tau la apa yang nak ditulis dalam entri ni, sebab takde idea langsung sekarang ni. Ketandusan idea dah. Jadi kali ni nak me-recycle-kan je la nota yang kawan hantar dalam Facebook tadi. So, happy reading, folks :)

Ambitious and serious
Loves to teach and be taught
Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses
Likes to criticize
Hardworking and productive
Smart, neat and organised
Sensitive and has deep thoughts
Knows how to make others happy
Quiet unless excited or tensed
Rather reserved
Highly attentive
Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds
Romantic but has difficulties expressing love
Loves children
Needs to improve social abilities
Easily jealous

Abstract thoughts
Loves reality and abstract
Intelligent and clever
Changing personality
Quiet, shy and humble
Low self esteem
Honest and loyal
Determined to reach goals
Loves freedom
Rebellious when restricted
Loves aggressiveness
Too sensitive and easily hurt
Showing anger easily
Dislike unnecessary things
Loves making friends but rarely shows it
Daring and stubborn
Realising dreams and hopes
Loves entertainment and leisure
Romantic on the inside not outside
Superstitious and ludicrous
Learns to show emotions

Attractive personality
Shy and reserved
Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic
Loves peace and serenity
Sensitive to others
Loves to serve others
Not easily angered
Appreciative and returns kindness
Observant and assess others
Loves to dream and fantasize
Loves travelling
Loves attention
Hasty decisions in choosing partners
Loves home decors
Musically talented
Loves special things

Active and dynamic
Decisive and haste but tends to regret
Attractive and affectionate to oneself
Strong mentality
Loves attention
Friendly and solves people's problems
Brave and fearless
Loving and caring
Suave and generous
Good memory
Motivate oneself and the others
Sickness usually of the head and chest
Easily get too jealous

Stubborn and hard-hearted
Strong-willed and highly motivated
Sharp thoughts
Easily angered
Attracts others and loves attention
Deep feelings
Beautiful physically and mentally
Firm standpoint
Easily influenced
Needs no motivation
Easily consoled
Systematic (left brain)
Loves to dream
Strong clairvoyance
Sickness usually in the ear and neck
Good imagination
Good debating skills
Good physical
Weak breathing
Loves literature and the arts
Loves travelling
Dislike being at home
Not having many children
High spirited

Thinks far with vision
Easily influenced by kindness
Polite and soft-spoken
Having lots of ideas
Active mind
Tends to delay
Choosy and always wants the best
Funny and humorous
Loves to joke
Good debating skills
Knows how to make friends
Able to show character
Easily hurt
Prone to getting colds
Loves to dress up
Easily bored
Seldom show emotions
Takes time to recover when hurt
Brand conscious
Those who loves me are enemies
Those who hates me are friends

Difficult to fathom and to be understood
Quiet unless excited or tensed
Has reputation
Easily consoled
Concern about people's feelings
Very emotional
Unpredictable and temperamental
Moody and easily hurt
Witty and sarky
Neither forgives nor forgets
Caring and lovin
Strong sense of sympathy
Judge people through observations
Loves to be alone
Always broods about the past and the old friends
Likes to be quiet
Waits for friends
Not aggressive unless provoked
Loves to be loved
Easily hurt and takes long to recover
Overly concerned
Puts in effort in work

Loves to joke
Suave and caring
Brave and fearless
Firm and has leadership qualities
Knows how to console others
Too generous and egoistic
Takes high pride of oneself
Thirsty for praises
Extraordinary spirit
Easily angered
Angry when provoked
Easily jealous
Careful and cautious
Thinks quickly
Independent thoughts
Loves to lead and to be led
Loves to dream
Talented in the arts, music and defence
Sensitive but not petty
Poor resistance against illnesses
Learns to relax
Hasty and rushy
Loving and caring
Loves to make friends

Suave and compromising
Careful, cautious and organised
Likes to point out people's mistakes
Likes to criticize
Quiet but able to talk well
Calm and cool
Kind and sympathetic
Concerned and detailed
Trustworthy, loyal and honest
Does work well
Good memory
Clever and knowledgeable
Loves to look for information
Must control oneself when criticizing
Able to motivate oneself
Loves sports, leisure and travelling
Hardly shows emotions
Tends to bottle up feelings
Choosy especially in relationships
Loves wide things

Loves to chat
Loves those who loves him
Loves to takes things at the centre
Attractive and suave
Inner and physical beauty
Does not lie or pretend
Treats friends importantly
Always making friends
Easily hurt but recovers easily
Bad tempered
Seldom helps unless asked
Very opinionated
Does not care of what others think
Strong clairvoyance
Loves to travel, the arts and literature
Soft-spoken, loving and caring
Touchy and easily jealous
Loves outdoors
Just and fair
Spendthrift and easily influenced
Easily lose confidence

Has a lot of ideas
Difficult to fathom
Thinks forward
Unique and brilliant
Extraordinary ideas
Sharp thinking
Fine and strong clairvoyance
Can become good doctors
Careful and cautious
Dynamic in personality
Knows how to dig secrets
Always thinking
Less talkative but amiable
Brave and generous
Stubborn and hard-hearted
If there is a will, there is a way
Never give up
Hardly become angry unless provoked
Loves to be alone
Thinks differently from others
Motivates oneself
Does not appreciates praises
Well-built and tough
Deep love and emotions
Uncertain in relationships
High abilities
Honest and keeps secrets
Not able to control emotions

Loyal and generous
Active in games and interactions
Impatient and hasty
Influential in organizations
Loves to socialize
Loves praises
Loves attention
Loves to be loved
Honest and trustworthy
Not pretending
Short tempered and egoistic
Takes high pride in oneself
Hates restrictions
Loves to joke
Good sense of humor

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sliding Supercat

Aaaaaaaaaa. Stress na stadi k ekzem isok (to Audio: nope, bukan STRESS nok ya ehe). Dahlah paper susah. Uhuhu. Eniweyz, tek kamek take 5 kejap nak kayo-kayo lam KitakTiub k ncarik bidio lawak. Alu tetemu la bidio sikok pusak tok. Nang kiuuuuuttt lah! Alu ilang stress lekak nangga karenah pusak ya tek. Ehehehe.

Lawak na pusak eh...pelik-pelik jak prangei. Tapi eran ko, sidak sekpat nangga kertas, mesti dibisak-bisak kakya kita lelah gik ngemas. Sekpat nangga nuspaper, mesti didudok alu kitak sekpat nak baca. Sekpat nangga kotak, mesti gago nak dudok/tido lam ya walopun rupa kedak sik slesa. Eran na...ehe.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Ewod Kalas dari Kak Ida

Sebenarnya, malas gilak dah main tag-mengetag tok. Dolok-dolok rajin la main ngetag. Pi memandangkan ada ewod tag tok (sebelah) diberik oleh Kak Ida, jadi pandei rasa bersalah jak ngambik ewod ya tanpa molah tag kedak disoh nya tek. Rasa kedak encurik jak.
P.S. Kepada sesiapa yang penah nyoh mek molah tag dolok-dolok nun pi lom gik terpolah oleh kamek...mek mintak ampun maap lah k. Mun datang rajin, mek polah lah tag kitak ya. Ehe.

1. First, insert this badge in your post to inform that you have been awarded (mun ambik ewod ajak pi sik polah tag boleh sik, Kak Ida? Ehe).
2. Make sure you take the image and said it is from Kak Ida (udah!)
3. You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself (adoh...susah juak soklan tag tok tek...)

- Suka tetak sampei sengsara perut krem.
- Suka makan tepong milo ngan roti krekers/roti paon/roti keben.
- Suka eskim!
- Suka ngan pusak nok gambong & rasa bes.
- Slalu berangan.
- Skati ngarut bila berlagu.
- Penin bila minum kopi.
- Klamzi.
- Suka suasana kampong.
- Anak bongsu.

Sekian, makseh.

*Lupak nak madah, bagi sesiapa jak yang membaca blog tok...silalah ambik ewod kalas tok (sik molah tag pun sekpa). Tok khas dari kamek, untuk kitak :)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Kamek Sayang Sama Kitak

Kamek rasa nak, lamak kamek berblog tok, nang sik pernah mek sentuh tentang perkara nok peribadi yang melibatkan hati dan perasaan. Mun ada pun, kali skali duak jak. Tapi kali tok, lekak baca entri dari Fels malam tek, kamek nang sik dapat tahan gik... Perlu juak mek meluahkan perasaan mek tok. Orang madah, sik bagus mun kita nahan jak perasaan kita. Sik bagus mendam apa yang perlu diluahkan.

Jadi, here goes my story about N & I..

[Flashback 6 years ago]
Kamek sayang ngan N. Sayang gilak-gilak. Banyak dah perkara mek polah k N. Nang duit kamek berabis k nya ajak. Apanya maok, mek polah. Apa nya ingin, mek berik. Bukannya kamek nak bangkit ka ataupun apa...tapi, rasa sedeh gilak bila apa yang dipolah sik dihargai. Sedeh gilak... Tapi apakan daya...rasa sayang tok lebeh dari rasa sedeh piluk.

Sebenarnya mek duak dah lamak berkenalan. Udah lebeh 6 taun mek kenalnya. Femli mek pun dah kenal mena dah ngan nya. N tok anak yatim piatu juak. Sebelom mak N ninggal ria, koga mekurang nang rapeh. Salu juak dak mak N berambeh ngabas umah mekurang.Walaopun kadang-kadang mak kamek sik rajin gilak ngannya tok tek, tapi abah ngan abang mek kedak okey jak ngan nya. Sejak mek duak kenal dari dolok nang dah mek duak salu tido sama-sama, lepak sama-sama, main sama-sama, apa-apa pun mesti sama-sama... Tapi eh, makin lamak & makin lamak...kin terok prangei nya. Nang berubah terus. Berubah 180 darjah. Sekda seceria, seramah & sebait kedak dolok-dolok. Mala jak nunjok muka menjus. Kedak sik puas ati ngan dunia jak. Kinek pun tok jadi pendiam jak nya...mun ada nak dikaka pun, kedak sudi sik sudi jak. Pasya mun kita nunggahnya, sik pandei nak enjawab...noleh pun sik. Main ngekot moodnya jak. Terguris ati kamek tok...

Memandangkan nya sik bekerja, jadi nang sekda polah pa-pa jaklah tep-tep ari. Tapi kamek sik lalek suma ya...tapi nak, yang nyakit ati, nya rajin ngepong ompuan ke ulu ke iler. Pantang nangga betina, mesti ngepong! Sakit mata tok nangga! Pasya sik alah-alah nak bergadoh ajak. Sapa la sik sakit ati. Geram eh! Kadang-kadang malu juak bila jiran ngomen macam-macam tentang nya... Nok paling geram tek eh, bila nya senang, kita sik diduli...bila nya susah, gago bercarik kita di rumah. Mintak manjak la apa. Bencik! Tapi...mek bersabar jak. Pasrah jak.

Sampeilah satu ari tek, kotan mek dah sik tahan gik, mek pun coba nak slow-talk lah ngan nya. Mek mbak nya lam bilit kamek sak mek duak dapat kaka in praibet, walopun mek tauk mak mek sik suka mek ngembak nya lam bilit kamek.

"Pahal kitak cemtok gilak??"
"Kenak diam ajak tok?? Mek sedeh tauk sik!"
"Sukati kitak lah! Boh carik mek agik lepas tok! Mek dah sik tahan dah!"
"Ha, pandei pun kaka duhal...kenak kitak polah mek kedak tok?"
"Hmph, mentang-mentang la kitak ya pusak...skati jak kitak polah mek cemtok o!"

*Kamek ngentak kaki ala-ala manjak tanda protes & geram*

Sejak dari ya, N coba mujok kamek...pandei nak jadi gudboi indah. Sik berolah, sik bergadoh, sik terkiak-kaong tengah-tengah malam gik. Nang gudboi bena lah. Walopun ati tok terguris hebat, tapi...kotan sayang gilak, ati kamek pun lekas juak sejok. Sebabnya...mek sayang N.

[Fast forward today]
Kinek tok...N dah sekda. Nya dah ninggal. Sejak nya dah sekda...mek nang rindu gilak ngan nya. Siyesli, mek sayang pusak mek ya... Sekian, makseh.


Monday, 6 April 2009

I Go by Many Names

"Blablabla, Karipap!!!"
"Ooo haa...blablabla...Kak Pah!"
"Atil! Atil! Blablabla!"
"Fah, blablabla? Blablabla?"
"Shefah, blablabla."
"Til...blablabla, Til?"
"Sha, blablabla!"

Back then masa kecik-kecik, I really hated it when someone called me other than by my own name. Now, when they call me by those very-much-hated names, I smile. And it makes me miss them even more. Miss them loads.

Kamek rinduuu kitak!!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

12 Things

Baruk-baruk tok nang gago gilak ngan keja skolah la, ektibiti studen la, kelab la, apa la...sampeikan masa peribadi k dikpun sekda gik. Not that I'm complaining though, sebab bes juak bila dah jumpa dak geng masa mekurang polah ektibiti ka apa. Tapi nak...rindu sarat juak kamek ngan taem boring sekda pa-pa nak dipolah kat umah, taem nangga tibi sehari-hari sampei tibi pandei jadi boring ngan kamek, taem baca tiga empat buah buk tas katel sehari-hari, taem tidoaherbangunahertidoaher (tok taem skolah dolok-dolok...jerak dah kenak sound mak ngan abah...eheh), taem lepak-lepak ngan geng rah gerei Barong Tinok...wuih, rindunya dengan kenangan lama. Ah, nikmatnya saat-saat dulu *feel lok*

Jadi, untuk mengembalikan saat-saat dulu (yedeh...), kamek nak merancang untok polah azam baru ujong minggu tok. Simok gago ngan hal skolah ka apa lok lah. Mok polah sesuatu nok sik gilak melibatkan urang lain lok. This'll be the time for me to spend time with, for and by myself. So folks, this is my weekend list :)

1. Baca buku-buku nok dah dibeli pi lom dibaca gik.
2. Ngemas rumah (sambil ya nengar lagu...bes aih, thereapeutic!)
3. Baking!!! (shioh...lamak dah sik bermasak ehhhh! Rinduuuuu!)
4. Prektis gitar...
5. ...sambil terkiak-kaong berlagu sorang dirik lam bilit.
6. Tido sehari-harian kedak pusak.
7. Ngintei pusak jiran sebelah k dicolek & mbak balit rumah kejap (mek sekda pusak bah...*sedeh*)
8. Raon-raon Kuching lam keta jak sampei minyak dah nak abis.
9. Tangkap gamba.
10. Nangga DVD tiga empat igek tanpa henti.
11. Ngapdet dikpun dengan pilem/drama/cita/brita lam tibi.
12. Sik polah apa-apa.

Toklah antara perkara-perkara nok kamek plan nak polah ujong minggu tok. Sik semestinya mok polah suma ya la, asalkan sekurang-kurangnya ada sigek benda dalam senarei ya ada dipolah kamek ujong minggu kelak, sebelom minggu baru bermula. Sik sabar nak nunggu ujong minggu tok eh :)