Saturday, 6 December 2008

A New Old It

For those of you who have been here often enough to be familiarize with this site and haven’t shown your face around here since yesterday, you might have had a 'Huh?' moment when you first get into this blog of mine this day and start wondering if you have gotten into the correct blog. Fret not, for you are in the correct location. And I bid you a warm welcome to my new-look space! The reasons I have altered the designs and the whole shebang will be justified in a bit. However if you are not on first-name basis with my web log...well actually what you’re seeing now is a new façade of my site after it has gone through a revamping-phase just very recently. Just so you know, the original blog name was Life as It is (I called it either ‘Life or LAII for short) and it had a dull, uninspiring design for the layout (no, I am not being scornful folks...just matter-of-fact).

Okay now, what I usually have written in here are the manifestations of my own random thoughts during the time I wrote them and hardly ever have I written about my own life in general (or anyone else’s, for that matter) and any other topics within that vicinity. In short, the former blog name simply does not justify my posts. And I believe the one I have now, Falling Thoughts, does. And as for the layout, I changed it for the reason that the old one is too bland for my taste. Besides, my well-hidden blog muse is in dire need of visual pep talk and this transformation might get it to emerge from wherever it is hiding now and provide me an umpteen-year supply of inspirations and great ideas. Giving this space a face-lift would certainly do the trick. Hopefully la.

Well now...I am glad I got a bunch of unwanted things in my list ticked off. With a new look and full-geared excitement, I am now off to find a story! Wish me luck.

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