Monday, 29 December 2008

A New Chapter

Less than 3 days to go before the citizens of the world open up a new chapter. Well, some of us might be getting stuck on the current chapter even after year '08 ends or have a long way to go before making a move to the next fresh page...and as for the other group of people, the case is otherwise. Undoubtedly and unfortunately, I am of the former. Why? Because I am a perfectionist and a postponer simultaneously. In other words, I care enough to do things right, but I'm lazy enough to let the little things go. (Note: But I think I've pulled that one off quite well seeing as I have all intentions of completing my daily tasks, but can never seem to get off my lazy fanny and do them!)

And being what I am is one of the reasons why when every time reality hits me hard in the head, I become worried and amazed by how rapid time goes by and how the changes keep on changing real fast. There are scores of things to accomplish and yet too little time to do them. And one of those tasks is my Year ’08 resolution (and of the years before @_@). You see, I’ve got less than 3 days before 2008 ends and I still have not taken any action on this year’s pledge. I could clearly see in my mind that my KIV-ed resolution has been accumulating thick layers of dust and cobwebs (thus creating an antique look) during the past 360 odd days. Tsk, shame on you la Zatil.

Well anyways...babbling about my perpetual procrastination was not what I intended to discuss today, 'cause I am here to wish...


...and may we be blessed with stronger Iman, barakah & rahmah, better health, and loads and loads of prosperity, peace & happiness! Amin.

4 contengan:

tomato_masam said...

Zatil, i just tot of something, is it time the one who is moving fast or us yang bergerak agak slow? hihihi..bukan nak kata, tp mmg terang dan nyata, setiap hari, masa berlalu umpama kerlipan mata, pejam celik pejam celik dah hari yang baru =) hihi.. and btw, salam maal hijrah to kamu juge ~

Si Penconteng said...

Hurrmmm...itula kan. Tapi bak kata Einstein, time is relative. Waktu kita bsuka ria, masa dikatakan berlalu terlalu cepat. Waktu yang tak hepening plak, masa dirasakan berlalu terlalu lambat.
Renung2kan...selamat beramal~ Keh keh..

tomato_masam said...

ahahahhaha!~ btul2, kesimpulannya, kita kena guna semua masa yang ada dengan sebaiknya =) baru la tak menyesal kemudian hari~ kan kan~

Si Penconteng said...

Ya betooollll!