Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I Am Unique...Just Like Everyone Else

“You are a unique person,” I heard someone told me some while back. On a normal day, when I get such *ahem* flattering comments about myself, I would have puffed my chest out and burst my buttons with pride (yea...I know, I know...I’m such a humble person). But thinking about it again now, while I knew the person meant it well, I am not entirely sure whether to consider that as a compliment or otherwise. Please don’t get me wrong. Unique is a special and amazing adjective. Especially when it is directed at you. Because it demonstrates your individuality--thanks to your having great and not-so-great qualities that NO ONE else in this world has--and thus proves that you are not a part of the monotonous-and-regular-like-a-clock bunch of Homo sapiens. However if truth be told, am I truly unique when everybody else is too?

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