Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Walk the Talk with Both Feet in Mouth

If you are wondering why I am writing a post soon after my last one when I previously claimed that the last post and the one to follow would have a few-week gap between them, well the answer lies ahead. Brace yourself now folks, for it is time for a makeover of my existing blogging game plan. Well, not that I have any kind of plans established in the first place. Besides, if I really did have one, I would probably stick to it only for a split second before mentally archiving it to my plausible-but-hopeless-endeavor folder. So the feat of having a blogging strategy is most likely doomed to failure from the beginning. But for this particular occasion, I am willing to do a one-eighty and bend my blogging principles just a bit :P. Not to say I have any by the way. ‘Tis just a figure of speech. But of course you know that already.

Alright, prologue over. Now let’s move on to what I am about to say lest my minute and volatile memory suddenly crashes and loses all my saved data. I wanted to get all of this down on the slat before I forget everything because my capability to retain information what little I usually remember is unreliable. So what was I saying...? Ah, yes, if you have read my earlier post Here for Good, you would know that my perpetual indolence and non-existent life are the key ingredients to my on-and-off-but-mostly-off relationship with LAII. And I am ashamed of that *straight-faced*. Well that is about to change, people.

I got a comment on my last post from a fellow blogger (makseh Encik Frankie, oi~) and after reading it today I’m now mulling over to increase the average rate of posts published per month in ‘Life (which isn’t too far off from zilch--no surprise there). I’m all aware that battling with laziness and rummaging around for interesting stories to write are not easy, but I shall try--“try” being the operative word--to write new posts more often. Once a week possibly. At worst, 3-4 posts per month. I hope this time my both-feet-in-mouth act is worth it. And will truly transpire. With a bit of luck, this’s the last time my long-suffering mouth is housing my two feet after bearing the pain throughout the 23 years of my existence. Too bad a piece of duct tape over mouth has never been seen as a chic fashion trend. *Peering down* Hmm, at least my feet are clean this time.

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