Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Walk the Talk with Both Feet in Mouth

If you are wondering why I am writing a post soon after my last one when I previously claimed that the last post and the one to follow would have a few-week gap between them, well the answer lies ahead. Brace yourself now folks, for it is time for a makeover of my existing blogging game plan. Well, not that I have any kind of plans established in the first place. Besides, if I really did have one, I would probably stick to it only for a split second before mentally archiving it to my plausible-but-hopeless-endeavor folder. So the feat of having a blogging strategy is most likely doomed to failure from the beginning. But for this particular occasion, I am willing to do a one-eighty and bend my blogging principles just a bit :P. Not to say I have any by the way. ‘Tis just a figure of speech. But of course you know that already.

Alright, prologue over. Now let’s move on to what I am about to say lest my minute and volatile memory suddenly crashes and loses all my saved data. I wanted to get all of this down on the slat before I forget everything because my capability to retain information what little I usually remember is unreliable. So what was I saying...? Ah, yes, if you have read my earlier post Here for Good, you would know that my perpetual indolence and non-existent life are the key ingredients to my on-and-off-but-mostly-off relationship with LAII. And I am ashamed of that *straight-faced*. Well that is about to change, people.

I got a comment on my last post from a fellow blogger (makseh Encik Frankie, oi~) and after reading it today I’m now mulling over to increase the average rate of posts published per month in ‘Life (which isn’t too far off from zilch--no surprise there). I’m all aware that battling with laziness and rummaging around for interesting stories to write are not easy, but I shall try--“try” being the operative word--to write new posts more often. Once a week possibly. At worst, 3-4 posts per month. I hope this time my both-feet-in-mouth act is worth it. And will truly transpire. With a bit of luck, this’s the last time my long-suffering mouth is housing my two feet after bearing the pain throughout the 23 years of my existence. Too bad a piece of duct tape over mouth has never been seen as a chic fashion trend. *Peering down* Hmm, at least my feet are clean this time.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Here for Good

I knew Life as It is would turn out to be this way. Another fickle fixation of mine. This blog is just like most of my past leisure pursuits that first started out with a lot of gusto and eventually lost their charm before they even had a good go at developing into something more constant. I would not say that I am giving ‘Life the boot nor do I have any intention to do so. But this is certainly not the fresh-post-daily kind of blog I intended to start off as in the first place.

It was the hunch I sensed from the very beginning, that I felt this project was preordained to be a victim of my own negligence and letdown. Even so, I carried on this mission with such eagerness and in good spirits that I declared to religiously post a new blog every single day...just to satisfy my jumbo appetite for sharing my thoughts with the masses (hence, my interests in photography and poetry-writing). Too bad the buzz of blogging has rapidly diminished over time. Regretfully though, I owe a big part of this dwindling enthusiasm to my everlasting devotion to idleness and the critical deficiency of appealing--even remotely so--happenings in my life, and so has made me feel that thinking and writing about my life affair is such a massive taxing effort. ‘Sides, it is not like I have any worth-writing topic to tell about, anyway.

Regardless of everything though, I do believe every cloud has a silver lining. So I have chosen to cash in on this episode for what it is worth, because I know this event opens up a window to add a new post to ‘Life and generate interesting ideas for the following posts. I may well not be the shiniest penny in the moneybox but that does not mean I am so dim-witted that I cannot recognize this opportunity. Anyhow, as usual, I will be sleeping through winter (so to say) for at least a few weeks before re-appearing on ‘Life along with some interesting posts I hope to dig up here and there.

Edit: Uh-oh. I just realized that I have just maneouvred myself into doing easier-said-than-done task by stating that the subsequent posts would be *interesting*. Hmm...maybe the silver lining of the cloud is not that silvery after all. Or perhaps, I am kind of daft. Haha. Oh well.