Sunday, 13 July 2008

Weekend Wrap sum it all up, this weekend has been ordinary. Bog-standard.

My getting a sore shoulder and a stiff leg isn't typical, though. I got the pain after using the gym machines and I wasn't taking it easy during my workout (sakit woo...). Well, it's been a fortnight since my last visit to the gym, so I thought that I needed to compensate or something, for the two weeks of being in an inactive mode. Tapi walaupun sakit-sakit badan, I still hit the gym this a.m. (and tomorrow I will too). People call it stubbornness and foolishness, I call it determination and discipline. Haha.

Because of the injury, I spent most of my time watching TV especially rerun shows and over-repeated films (to whom it may concern: bring in new shows, please...!). Gikpun, lamak dah sik nangga tibi...apa tek tengah exam ria. To add some variety to the ever-constant TV programmes, I managed to pile up some dinero to purchase a couple of DVDs. I never liked watching DVDs before but now I have converted :P. Though...I still do prefer to catch a show at a cinema and see it with a bunch of moviegoers--mainly 'cause it's more fun than being a solo viewer.

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Holly said...

you're lucky I know a bit of indonesian although it's not bahasa malay, but I know sakit is sick and sakit-sakit is very sick. Or ill or that general word.

Don't push yourself too hard, especially after two weeks!

Zatil said...

Really you do? Nice..and yes you got it right :)
Thanks for the advice~

Jessen Tan said...

well some movies like hellboy ii & dark knight is worth every cents in the movie theater..with friends or solo :)